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It’s A New Era In Legal Marketing
Rather than participating in obsolete tactics and archaic strategies

Dynamic PPC

Nowadays lawyers cannot rely on a “set it and forget it” approach to PPC where they solely rely on the most common keywords on Google Adwords. To get you leads at a profitable rate we analyze the market live like stockbrokers and run campaigns on multiple platforms, including Bing, Facebook, Mobile and other newer arenas.



If you are going to spend money to market, why would you let over 90% of your leads slip away? We set up ads that follow your missed leads on throughout the internet, on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, Youtube, and more, to greatly increase your chances of recapturing those missed opportunities.

Local & Mobile SEO

The unprecedented growth of local searches, especially on mobile phones, has created a new user. Searches on the internet are now looking for and clicking on local listings in their area, not the organic results. We specialize in optimizing your local listing and mobile landing pages to for lead generation. Also keep in mind that websites almost never receive penalties for Local SEO because it does not require backlink building.



Website Conversion Elements

The most important and most overlooked component to marketing is Conversion. You can spend thousands of dollars getting visitors to your site, but if your site does not convert it’s wasted money. There is a science to conversion and we use it to exponentially increase the probability of a visitor turning into a lead.

Targeted Multi Media Advertising

As more and more people utilize online media, traditional television viewers and radio listeners are dwindling down. New online media platforms, such as Pandora, Youtube, and Spotify, for advertising are an untapped resources in the legal world. In addition, these platforms provide much more sophisticated targeting of ads and more syndication options than traditional tv and radio.

Targeted Multi Media Advertising

Public Relations + SEO

We have teamed up with top PR companies to not only get you leads from direct exposure on major television, print and online sources, but also get the positive SEO effects that come along with it. In 2013 Google penalized more attorney websites for purchasing backlinks than ever before. The days of purchasing backlinks to increase rankings are over. The only way to remain on the top of search results is by having genuine articles and media about your firm.

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